Major PSC trial now recruiting

BUTEO, a single arm, two-stage, multi-centre, phase II clinical trial is now recruiting participants. The trial investigates the safety and activity of the use of BTT1023, a human monoclonal antibody targeting vascular adhesion protein (VAP-1), in the treatment of patients with PSC.

Vascular Adhesion Molecule-1 (VAP-1) has an important role in the progression of liver fibrosis. Blocking of VAP-1 function is expected to reduce both inflammation and fibrosis. BTT1023 is a human, monoclonal, anti-VAP-1 antibody that has found to prevent liver fibrosis in murine models of liver injury and it has been used safely in humans with rheumatoid arthritis.

UK PSC CI Dr Gideon Hirschfield is CI for BUTEO. The University of Birmingham, the trial sponsor, is actively recruiting, along with the University of Nottingham, and sites are planned in Oxford and Newcastle.

This trial is expected to last 2 years and recruit around 60 patients nationally.

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